Rates & Policies

The District bills for water and wastewater service on a monthly basis. The amount of the bill is calculated from monthly water meter readings applied to the current rate structure. See below for current rates.

The water and sewer rates for property that is connected to the water and/or sewer system are authorized by the Board of Directors of the District. The District has adopted Rules and Regulations that establish all rates and charges.

The rate includes 1) monthly base rates for water and wastewater, 2) monthly fees based on usage (variable fees), 3) water and wastewater reserves, and 4) an annual tax levy on all benefitted property in the District or an equivalent Special Tax Equalization rate for properties annexed after December 23, 2015. The money collected from the user charges and the annual tax levy/equalization rate generates revenue sufficient to make tax bond payments and to operate the District. The moeny from the reserve rates will be held for future expansion or replacement of major infrastructure.

The District has several customers located outside of the District. They have a service contract with the District and are charged 1.5 times the applicable rate that customers in the District pay. They are not included in the tax levy, and they do not vote in District matters.


Unauthorized Use of Service: Unauthorized use of service is defined as any deliberate interference such as tampering with the District's meter, connections, equipment, seals, procedure or records that result in a loss of revenue to the company. Unauthorized service is also defined as reconnection of service that has been terminated, without the company's consent. Cost incurred to repair damage to company owed property installed on the customer's premise will be billed to the customer. Charges for unauthorized use of service will be: 

  1. time, material and transportation costs used in investigation or surveillance
  2. estimated charge for water
  3. on-premise time to correct situation
  4. costs incurred to repair company owned property if any damage

Reconnection of Service: Water and/or wastewater service disconnected for unauthorized use of service shall not be reconnected until the customer furnishes satisfactory evidence of compliance with the company's rules and conditions of service and paid all outstanding service charges.

Late Payment Fee: An account having a balance left unpaid 30 days after the bill date is subject to a 1.0% late payment charge.

Sprinkling: The District may specify the hours and days during which sprinkling will be permitted and will publish notice thereof in newspapers at the start of the sprinkling season or whenever conditions require a change and will permanently post such notice in its local office.

Disconnection/Reconnection: If service has been disconnected for non-payment, a reconnection charge of $100.00 per meter will be paid before service is reconnected.

Temporary Disconnection: If service has been temporarily discontinued at the customer's request, a reconnection charge of $100.00 per meter will be paid before service is reconnected.

Permanent Disconnection: Customers who wish to have their water service permanently disconnected will be responsible for any and all costs associated with the physical disconnection of the service line from the utility's system.

Multiple Users: In situations where more than one user is being provided with water from a single service line, with a single shut-off device controlling the water flow, and if any one or more of the water users either will not sign up for service or will not pay for that service, then the responsibility for payment of future water charges must be assumed by the property owner until such time as the piping configuration has been modified to provide an individual shut-off valve for each water user in order to prevent the service from being disconnected for non-signup or non-payment.

Failure to Provide Payment: Failure to provide payment or satisfactory arrangements for payment may result in total discontinuance of service even though one or more users may not be in arrears with their account.

Returned Check Fee: A fee of $15.00 will be charged to any customer who presents a check that is returned unpaid by the depository financial institution for any reason.

Refunds: Customer bills or refunds that total $1.00 or less will not be issued.

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