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New WRF is Operational

Four Corners Water and Sewer District is pleased to announce that the new Water Reclamation Facility is operational. The new facility is located southwest of the intersection of Huffine Lane and U.S. 191 and will provide much-needed capacity to treat wastewater generated by homes and businesses in the growing Four Corners area.

The Elk Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant, which handled the District’s wastewater, was nearing capacity and the 2016 Facility Plan laid out the need for a new facility to expand capacity. As part of the District's long-term plan for handling growth, the new Water Reclamation Facility was designed so that it can be incrementally expanded in phases as growth occurs.

The new facility will treat wastewater to high purity levels that can be safely discharged into the ground to recharge groundwater. Construction began in the summer of 2019 and it became operational in December 2020, increasing wastewater processing by 200,000 gallons per day. The additional capacity will allow the District to accept connections from properties that have aging septic systems, meet its existing commitments to lots in the District, and add new lots as development occurs in the Four Corners area. The new facility expands capacity while improving the ability to protect the environment.

A second phase of an additional 200,000 is expected to be operational by August 2021, which will provide the equivalent of an additional 1250 connections.

Construction was paid for from reserves and from the Montana State Revolving Fund.