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Check Your Sump Pump!

So far, 2019 has been exceptionally wet! The extra precipitation has raised the ground water near the surface and basements have begun to flood. Sump pumps are kicking on to keep them dry and some homeowners are discharging the water into the sewer system. While discharging a sump pump into the sewer system might seem like an easier option than running a discharge tube to the exterior, it is illegal. This groundwater should be discharged to the exterior yard, a nearby catch basin or a storm drain, as allowed by your HOA.

Improper connections made in either residential homes or businesses contribute a significant amount of water to sewer systems. A single sump pump can contribute over 7,000 gallons of water to sewer systems in a 24-hour period, the equivalent of the average daily flow from 44 homes. The excess “clear water” wreaks havoc at wastewater treatment facilities. Extreme hydraulic loading can upset the bacteria that breakdown wastewater and can severely affect the treatment process. 

Please do a quick inspection of your sump pump piping to ensure that the water is going outside. Help us keep costs down and wastewater treatment up by properly and legally discharging sump pumps!!