2019 Water Reclamation Facility

The Four Corners Water and Sewer District is building a new Water Reclamation Facility which will be located southwest of the intersection of Huffine Lane and U.S. 191. The new facility will provide much-needed capacity to treat wastewater generated by homes and businesses in the growing Four Corners area. The District has budgeted $8.2 million dollars for the design and construction of the first phase of the project. As part of the District's long-term plan for handling growth, the new Water Reclamation Facility will be designed so that it can be incrementally expanded in phases as growth occurs.

Construction began summer 2019. As of late September, construction activities to date includes deep excavations for the Influent Pump Station (IPS) and the Sequential Batch Reactor Basins (SBR), plus a shallower excavation for the Sludge Digestion Structure (Digester). Extensive effort to lower the ground water level to allow the placement of the concrete for the structures is ongoing 24 hours a day. Concrete placement is scheduled to begin next week, starting with the deepest excavation at the Influent Pump Station, with the SBR soon to follow. The crew will be work on both structures simultaneously, alternating setting forms, rebar placement, and concrete pours. The Digester location isn’t hampered by groundwater and will be incorporated in the schedule after installation of the underground piping is completed.